Who is PC Hiccups?

PC Hiccups (Pty) Ltd. is an small and focused IT company based in the tranquil environment of northern Pretoria, South Africa. We at PC Hiccups pride ourselves on hands on experience.

With our specialty in the IT industry, we tailor almost any services that surface around computers, notebooks and tablets. With the latest technology imported from all around the globe, we can build up any system based on our clients requirements and budget.

With our launch of PC Hiccups five years ago, we directly sourced the best service providers available on the market to help us make PC Hiccups, and our sister company – PC Hiccups IT Supplies stand out from the competitors our in the IT field.

In addition, we offer new installation, upgrades and sell a wide rage of supplies. If you don’t get it with us, the changes that you will are zero to none.

Through our latest technology products, we have superior technical engineers with abilities that can help you with almost everything you might be struggling with. We offer on-site services such as software repairs, hardware repairs any instillations on new or replacement parts you may require.

At PC Hiccups we currently service the Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand areas.

Who is Blueberry Design?

Blueberry Design - Graphic HouseWe are glad to announce that the PC Hiccups graphic department now has their own company named Blueberry design. Blueberry design is a quality and cost-effective branding and graphics design company. They focus on a wide array of services such as web hosting and website setup, designs, advertising and branding. The old portfolio section of the PC Hiccups page will now take you to the Blueberry designs website. We encourage you to try the impeccable service that Blueberry design has to offer.

Blueberry design was founded in November of 2016 under the umbrella company of PC Hiccups (An IT repair company) noticed that they didn’t have the right procedures in place to handle a high number of design queries. PC Hiccups never intended to do any graphic design related work for clients, but due to clients’ needs and the afford ability of PC Hiccups’s quotes they started to slowly incorporate a graphics department. This graphics department worked on and off with PC Hiccups clients, but never did any true marketing, and neither did PC Hiccups do any marketing for their under the radar graphic design services.

All design related queries should be addressed to Blueberry design seeing that they now act as the graphics department for PC Hiccups. Please see www.blueberrydesign.co.za for more information.

Our vision

It is our vision to grow and service the entire continent – in South Africa as well as abroad. Our current, Sister Company – PC Hiccups IT Supplies is servicing the entire continent with IT Supplies.

At PC Hiccups we provide our clients with personalized service – servicing computers in the comfort of their homes, offices or place of business.

We make sure we differentiate ourselves form our competitors in the same market place, by delivering quick superior service delivering in both services and hardware sales. Our highly technical engineers and experience consulting services will ensure you call us again in the future.

We are small enough to still give personalized service, but big to delivery to the enterprise industry.

To ensure our service satisfaction, we are committed to improving customer feedback on a regular basis. In addition to beat any quotation and service you were provided before. With our 3 day guarantee on any work done, we make sure you don’t pay any unnecessary call-our fees which is still part of the initial service provided.

What are PC Hiccups IT Supplies?

PC HIcucps IT SuppliesPC Hiccups IT Supplies trading as PC Hiccups (Pty) Ltd. are your one stop IT Supplies provider. At PC Hiccups IT Supplies we providing our clients with all the latest technology products available on the market, at the faction of the cost. You can find more than 3000 different products in the IT industry.

Managing Director, CEO and IT System Support Engineer, Tim Botha and co-workers are eager to provide you with all your computer-related products you are in need of. Your need becomes or necessity to source the cheapest and lowest prices.

We endeavor to provide only the highest quality of products, whilst keeping up to date with the latest hard – and software specials on the market. This entails taking time to research the latest technology to keep clients informed about such developments. It will be worth your while to keep the contact details of PC Hiccups IT Supplies close for when you may need to buy any products.

Who is the MD of PC Hiccups?

_cap3334Managing Director, CEO and IT System Support Engineer, Tim Botha and co-workers are eager to assist you with your computer-related problems. From our portfolio it is clear that we can assist with almost all computers-associated (pc support, it support, computer repairs, pc repairs, repairing computers).

Tim Botha is a passionate Microsoft-certified IT System Support Engineer and the Managing Director of PC Hiccups. You are welcome to contact us to repair your computer, at your home or office as soon as it it possible.

We endeavor to provide personal service whilst keeping you up to date with the latest hard – and software information available on the market. This entails taking time to research the latest technology to keep clients informed about such developments. It will be worth your while to keep the contact details of PC Hiccups close for when you may have a hiccup.

We got what it takes:

   We have highly-trained and skilled IT System Engineers.

   Our Technical Engineers are carefully taught and individually trained, giving us the opportunity to provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise.

   We can handle any capacity, size or technicality your system may have.

   We offer cutting-edge innovation for our business and corporate contacts as well.

In every business – small or big, people need IT assistance, but can’t always afford and the entire department and staff. That’s where we come in: PC Hiccups will act as your in-house technical response team: WITHOUT the overhead!

Technology is a fast-paced and ever-evolving field, always generating more need for people and their businesses to continuously modernize their equipment. New ideas and innovations can be troublesome to bring on board, and machines fail from time-to-time, costing time and technical savvy to repair. That’s where we come in helping you. Sit back and experience IT Tech to your rescue by letting PC Hiccups manage your technology so you can manage your life!

Our clients are our pride