Please take note of our new contact number: 081 511 2929 

Our current number will be inactive from end of March 2017.

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PC Hiccups Service AreasAre you in need of computer repair?

We at PC Hiccups specialize in all manner of Computer problems (PC Problems). We will service your Computer at your Home, home office/office or place of business. We shall get your computer in a working condition in two ticks. Our highly professional and qualified technical engineers will be able to support you, teach you and analyse your PC problems at your premises.

PC Hiccups offers our clients a wide spectrum of IT Support at affordable costs. For further information about the services we provide, visit our Services Section.

PC Hiccups started as a sole proprietor business, spearheaded by Tim Botha (CEO, MD AND COC) of the company with a degree in MCITP.

PC Hiccups has a Support Department, IT Department as sales on any equipment and a Tech Guru who will update the communities about all current affairs.

We give you the latest news. Do reviews about the latest Technology trends. We chat about what we love: Computers, Mobiles and networking technologies. We believe that you will enjoy navigating our easy designed website. Teach yourself new tricks!

What we can offer

SLA agreement

We always honor our SLA (Service Level Agreements). It is important to know why companies would rather go the IT Outsource / SLA route instead of hiring in house. The most important reason, companies outsource is not to avoid costs.

ICT Support

We specializes in ICT / Technical Support. Our well informed technical support department will be able to sort out your concern no matter what the problem may be. IT Support is often referred to as Computer support.

Computer repairs

Computer repairs takes the bulk of the time in the day. If you can fix it, why bother to purchase a new Computer. Another function of a computer repair technician is analysing different types of computer equipment.

Computer Problems

There are various computer problems we deal with at PC Hiccups. There is a difference in repairing a computer when you are dealing with hardware as opposed to working with Software problems.


Why PC Hiccups?

In line with market trends

By having access to the latest resources coupled with specialized services at the most affordable prices, PC Hiccups continue to provide our clients with that significant edge over their competitors who generally waste time, money and company resources attempting to self-maintain technology and technology based services they are not expert in.

Professional customer service

We pride ourselves in giving our clients only the highest level of service, integrity and commitment by making every client’s needs our personal priority. Our reputation for service excellence, minimum turnaround time, cost effective project management, high quality standards and great affordability, has long been the privilege of our many current clients. We know that every one of our clients is special with their own unique set of circumstances. And because we understand this, we train our consultants to provide professional and expert advice with that so often missed personal touch.

Why are we competent

With our IT System Support Engineers who are industry experience in the field of computers, we are proud to provide you with high quality service. We do anything computer related and strive to add more services to our list as we obtain more skills day by day. We have Support Engineers with the following expertise: 1. IT Professionals 2. Technology Specialist.

What clients say

  • Baie dankie aan Tim Botha van PC Hiccups vir die uistekene diens met my rekenaar. Tim het uit sy pad gegaan om my te help. Ek sal PC Hiccups sterk aanbeveel vir enige rekenaar probleme. Dankie Tim
    June Roos ,
  • Tim baie dankie. Wonderlike diens – alles is reg.
    Hettie Ball ,
  • Goeie more Tim, ek wil jou net hiermee meedeel dat ek geweldig beindruk is met die diens wat Juandre so ongeveer 2 weke gelede vir my gelewer het. Hy het werklikwaar moeite gedoen en sy uitstekende kennis het my verbaas. Mense het al vantevore aan my rekenaars gewerk maar ek het nog nie iemand wat so kundig en toegewyd is teegekom nie. Hy het my ook baie goed behandel. Ek was siek op daardie stadium en hy het regtig moeite gedoen om my in ag te neem.
    Marie Bean ,
  • Baie dankie aan PC Hiccups vir uitstekende diens gelewer. PC Hiccups het dadelik gereageer om GTI onmiddellik behulpsaam te wees toe rekenaar probleme op twee geleenthede ondervind word. GTI bedank PC Hiccups vir hul flinke diens en behulpsaamheid.
    GTI ,